Half the Waning Moon

Half the Waning Moon

The night air filled me

As I looked up to see the half-eaten moon

Resting so still against the starry sky

She was not mourning her wounds

Or grappling for parts of herself not there

Instead, she sat at peace with her journey

Trusting that even though the night keeps eating away at her,

And her body dissolves and disappears until she is no more

Soon enough she will be reborn

And become whole again.

In the morning,

She smiled in a gentle blue heaven

Tinted in Beltane’s light

I drew her face into my body

And she whispered:

‘Are you ready to let go and then start all over again?’

Everything in me shouted ‘YES!’


4 thoughts on “Half the Waning Moon

  1. Anne Linn

    This fills me with such peace and beauty, thank you. I love the words you used, especially about being at peace with the journey, not mourning our wounds. It made me think, made me relax a little. Maybe life is ok the way it is. Maybe I don’t need to control it 🙂

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