Spiritual Awakenings: Many Paths to Connection

What guides you to a place of healing? What leads you to a deeper connection with life and with yourself? There are many paths to a centred spiritual life and to healing. How has your path unfolded?

In my work, I always share that Nature is one of the things that’s played a key role in my personal journey. So when Angela Raspass began collecting stories about the many paths to connection a couple of years back, she offered me an opportunity to share my experiences. Angela has since curated the collection of personal essays into an anthology called Spiritual Awakenings, a book packed with beautiful and diverse stories of woman from different places around the world.

Writing my contribution was an important exercise for me. For one, it’s a personal and honest piece about things I’ve had difficulty sharing most of my life. And secondly, writing it helped me to hone in on the kinds of messages and lessons I want to share with the world. It cemented the courage to begin writing my first book, Wild Essence.

This week, the Spiritual Awakenings – Many Paths to Connection anthology is free to download on Amazon Kindle.  So you can follow the link to download and read this precious collection….Click Here for the Spiritual Awakenings – Many Paths to Connection anthology.    

Spiritual Awakenings Book 3D.png

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