The Wholeness of the Wild Sea

(Note: I’ve been revisiting some musings I wrote in my journal when I last visited the coast. These pieces capture my meditations on themes of brokenness and wholeness. A few days ago, I shared the an excerpt from these musings in the blog post The Beauty in Broken Pieces. In today’s post, another titbit.)


After last night’s rain, the sky is a patchy tapestry of pale blue and fluffy grey clouds. The once stormy black ocean now glistens like sheets of molten gold. The world has transformed itself into a new day.

What did it have to lose, surrender and release for it to be so? What did it have to gain, accept and carry forward for it to be as it is now?

We will never really know the wild magic of night that unfolds while we sleep. Our minds know only what we see. I guess that is the gift of living from the heart, because the wise heart knows the unseen. It taps into mystery. It seeks out beauty and sacredness. It intuitively traces pieces of wildness along unseen paths to secret worlds of deep and feral magic.

That place within us, the heart, the wild essence, knows the transformative path that the black night ocean has had to take to become the illuminated body of light that I see on the horizon. And it knows too, the path that our own souls need to take from dark and stormy places of brokenness to the healing light of love.

Each droplet of ocean water has had to be open and willing to allow the rays of sunlight to enter its body and become illuminated. Each ocean droplet is a piece of wildness intuitively called to gather the light to become a seamless glimmering ocean – one body, one life, a million pieces of wildness dissolving into one light of wholeness.


January’s Skies

In the quiet morning hours, dark clouds are rushing somewhere, drifting across the early sun with hast. The air is heavy with the heat of summer, but this morning the wind is deliciously cool and trees dance vigorously to her breathy whispers.

Yes, the mid-summer days are marching on swiftly and something is beginning to stir within. A gentle call that says “It’s time…”

I feel the urge building in my heart. Beneath January’s skies, words are returning to me. Insights are rising as I pause between each breath. And slowly as one day rolls into the next, I am beginning to write again. The wild stories of my heart are finding their way into form. The paths they’ve chosen are somewhat different than what they have been in the past. I sense that how I write and what I share will shift a bit, a natural consequence of inner transformation I guess. In some parts my focus has become clearer, in others not so much. Either way, I sit committed to the truths that wish to be expressed, open to the direction that this fresh voice is steering me in. I choose to step into this space of unfolding with curiosity, remaining true to my inner light and surrendering to the guidance of the Divine.

Where do you find yourself under January’s skies? How do you choose to step forward?

Spiritual Awakenings: Many Paths to Connection

What guides you to a place of healing? What leads you to a deeper connection with life and with yourself? There are many paths to a centred spiritual life and to healing. How has your path unfolded?

In my work, I always share that Nature is one of the things that’s played a key role in my personal journey. So when Angela Raspass began collecting stories about the many paths to connection a couple of years back, she offered me an opportunity to share my experiences. Angela has since curated the collection of personal essays into an anthology called Spiritual Awakenings, a book packed with beautiful and diverse stories of woman from different places around the world.

Writing my contribution was an important exercise for me. For one, it’s a personal and honest piece about things I’ve had difficulty sharing most of my life. And secondly, writing it helped me to hone in on the kinds of messages and lessons I want to share with the world. It cemented the courage to begin writing my first book, Wild Essence.

This week, the Spiritual Awakenings – Many Paths to Connection anthology is free to download on Amazon Kindle.  So you can follow the link to download and read this precious collection….Click Here for the Spiritual Awakenings – Many Paths to Connection anthology.    

Spiritual Awakenings Book 3D.png