January’s Skies

In the quiet morning hours, dark clouds are rushing somewhere, drifting across the early sun with hast. The air is heavy with the heat of summer, but this morning the wind is deliciously cool and trees dance vigorously to her breathy whispers.

Yes, the mid-summer days are marching on swiftly and something is beginning to stir within. A gentle call that says “It’s time…”

I feel the urge building in my heart. Beneath January’s skies, words are returning to me. Insights are rising as I pause between each breath. And slowly as one day rolls into the next, I am beginning to write again. The wild stories of my heart are finding their way into form. The paths they’ve chosen are somewhat different than what they have been in the past. I sense that how I write and what I share will shift a bit, a natural consequence of inner transformation I guess. In some parts my focus has become clearer, in others not so much. Either way, I sit committed to the truths that wish to be expressed, open to the direction that this fresh voice is steering me in. I choose to step into this space of unfolding with curiosity, remaining true to my inner light and surrendering to the guidance of the Divine.

Where do you find yourself under January’s skies? How do you choose to step forward?

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