Sneak Peek: A Short Excerpt from the Wild Essence Book

How are the wild whispers of your soul reaching out to you today? Are you finding ways to listen and flow with the needs and desires of your inner wilds?

As you may know, I’m super excited that my new book, Wild Essence, is finally being released into the world. So today, I thought I’d share a short excerpt from the book to give a little taste of things to come. I hope that you enjoy it:

The Universe always wants you to remember. In the eloquent words of self-starter Danielle LaPorte, the Universe keeps asking you, ‘Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?’ So it sends you reminders, clues and sacred messages to decode. In instances of stillness when you stop searching and allow yourself to be, these sacred messages and reminders permeate your consciousness. They unveil themselves in your life in various ways – through people, in places that you explore and experiences that unfold around you. They find you as signs, synchronicities and miracles which remind you that a greater power is at play. In my world, more often than not I’ve found them in Mother Nature. The wild Earth writes love letters on the fine threads of each feather that drifts gracefully to the Earth. I find maps to my inner treasures encoded in the veins of each leaf. Each message leaves me wondering, ‘How much more amazing would the world be if I gave myself permission to let my wild essence shine?’ Can you imagine the impact that allowing yourself to be who you are fully would have on your life and the world? The answer is so obvious it may even come across as cliché because the likelihood is that you would have heard it several times before, yet I feel compelled to reinforce this beautiful message – Liberating your wild essence would have a profound impact on your life and the world, because something of such tremendous value would be returned to its rightful place in the greater scheme of things.


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