Exploring the Lunar Cycles with Tea and Tarot: Full Moon

Greetings on this Full Moon in Gemini!

The Tea

The summer heat has already set in here in the South. So, as Grandmother moon reaches her fullness, I have chosen apple and elderberry tea to quench the thirst of my wild essence. It’s delicious fruity flavour and aroma is the perfect fit for sultry summer evenings. Both the apple and elderberry are strongly tied to Goddess, moon and earth-based traditions, woven into stories, myth and songs. And with little bits of hibiscus added to it, the tea takes on the colour of blood, a reminder of the deep feminine qualities within. I feel a subtle stirring in my heart with each mindful sip that I take. In my mind’s eye, I see Goddess flowing into me and filling me with the healing medicine that my soul needs right now.

The Tarot

Coincidently, the card that I drew for today’s guidance is the Moon card. It makes me feel that Goddess is speaking very loudly to me through the energy of the moon today, as if sing the wolf call that I’ve been howling to her for so long back to me and saying “I see you, I hear you.” So I am taking her cue to attune to the subtle rhythms of my inner wilds, to allow my intuitive nudges to guide me and to nurture my emotional self. I also feel this card is an acknowledgement of the hard work we’ve all put in to this year and projects that have come to completion. For me, one of those things is the publication of my book, Wild Essence. December is the time when we’re exhausted and ready to both celebrate and release what has been endured. We are also to simply collapse and rest. Yes, there is still more to be done. But let us work wisely and not get too caught up in the chaotic energy of the festive season so that we have time to nourish, nurture and rest our inner essence.


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