Tea Crafting: Making Third Eye Chakra Tea

I am a tea enthusiast and for several years now, tea meditation has been an important part of my daily spiritual practice. As I wrote in an old blog post, I love the variety, exotic aromas and adventure that every new flavour and type of tea brings. I love that it can be healing, soothing or energising depending on what you need. But most importantly, it offers me an opportunity to be present, mindful and deeply attuned to the flow of the Universe.

When I took the leap into the unknown and followed my soul’s calling to deepen my study of/ relationship with the energy and spiritual wisdom of the Nature, I began a journey of constantly seeking out ways to tuned into, understand and share profound lessons or insights from the wild Earth, as well as the messages Spirit/Goddess shares through the natural world.

Keeping an herbal garden over the last 3 years has thus been an integral part of this personal deep study of the Earth and forging a stronger connection with Goddess. So, I’ve planted seeds/saplings and have been tending to, nurturing and communing with them as they’ve grown. In return, these delicate plant lightworkers offer me their wisdom, their medicine and both physical and spiritual healing.

As soon as the first signs of spring set in a few weeks ago, shades of lavender and violet herbal flowers blossomed everywhere. Enchanted by the vibration of these violet ray flowers, I felt called to work with them in some way. The idea of crafting a third eye chakra tea came to mind immediately. I allowed myself to be guided by intuition and the energies of the garden throughout the tea crafting process, keeping the intention of what I wanted to use the tea for in my heart. Slowly, I began picking the herbal flowers – borage, sage and lavender – and placing them on a sunny windowsill amongst amethyst crystals to dry. All these herbal flowers are known for their calming and spiritually related properties and amethyst is great for stimulating the third eye and crown chakras.

third eye chakra tea

The flowers were picked early on warm sunny mornings. I used both fresh lavender flowers from my garden, and some sprigs of the dried bunch of lavender I picked when I visited my grandmother in August. I like the idea of having included bits of flowers tended by her hand and touched by her years of wisdom. For this particular tea, I didn’t use any herbal leaves, just the flowers. I usually mix the herbs and flowers together with some black tea, but again, this time round, I decided to only work with the flowers. Flower medicine is both subtle and powerful, and I imagine that their vibrant healing qualities would be most potent in spring because that is where the plant directs all its energy towards.

The next step was to do a tea blessing. I set the tea together with the amethyst crystals out under the light of the full blood moon to be anointed with mystical moon Goddess vibes. Keeping the intention of creating a third eye chakra tea to calm my mind, clear my brow chakra, enhance intuition and stimulate good sleep and dreams, I imbued it with healing white light. And so the tea was made.

I often use Margaret Roberts’s Herbal Teas as a loose guide when it comes to tea crafting. It’s important to know your herbs and use reputable references, and be especially cautious when you are pregnant because most herbs are off limits then. That said, while knowledge of herbs and their properties is important, just the same as when I make the space clearing sage smudge spray, I feel that holding specific positive intentions, working with etheric earth and plant energies, Goddess and white light are all equally important steps in my process.

I’ll be drinking it in the evenings for the next month and paying attention to how my subtle bodies respond to it (especially around the new moon). I’ve added some cloves and cardamoms seeds for a bit of flavour, and sometimes have the tea with a slice of zesty lemon. I’m excited to see how things unfold.

Have you ever made any herbal or flower teas? Have you worked with tea to clear or stimulate your chakras? What was you experience life?  

third eye chakra

2 thoughts on “Tea Crafting: Making Third Eye Chakra Tea

  1. Anne Linn

    Sounds like a lovely tea 🙂 It makes me want to make my own. I haven’t really in the past, though at times I’ve mixed dried herbs together to make tea, but it seems special to pick your own.

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