To Those Who Wish to be…

…Wild Mothers.

A few months ago, I came across a piece called Oneness, an excerpt from The Tao of Motherhood (by Vimala McClure and Sue Patton Thoele).

 It says:

“You and your child come from

One and journey toward One.

You are essentially the same.”

Reading it moved me, shifted my perspective and got me wondering – what if my child is already with me, in oneness, and not separate from my experience in the way I perceive it? Isn’t that how we manifest things metaphysically – by visualising them as real to draw them closer to us?

It says:

 “The bond is oneness, and cannot be broken.”

I copied it into my journal to keep it close to my heart. And when I read it, I say a prayer for the wisdom to release illusions of separation from my child and for the strength to focus instead on being united in oneness. This renews my hope and gives me the sense that my child is coming soon.

It says:

“When doubt and uncertainty arise,

return to this simple truth.

Be in oneness, and the illusion of separateness dies.

Be still and allow unity to be returned.”

(Click here to read the full excerpt on Oneness)

Happy Mother’s day to you all. And to those who wish to be – I pray that the Goddess blesses you with the child that you dream of.

mother mary

7 thoughts on “To Those Who Wish to be…

  1. sarah

    Yes, I agree, your child is with you already and always. I pray they are ready soon to come into Life through you. Perhaps you can think of mothering them now by talking to their spirit, sending them peace, loving them, making a way for them.

  2. Kate Rose

    Oh sister, this is beautiful, I am moved…and a gorgeous image too. You are such a gifted writer, how would you feel about writing a letter to your child-in-spirit, telling him/her you have a home for them and that you are ready…a letter of invitation?

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thank you dear Kate. I did keep a journal where I wrote letters to my child-in-spirit for a while, but actually haven’t done so in several months now and had forgotten about it. Thank you for reminding me of that. I need to get my journal out and start doing that again. And this time, not so much from a place of fear of it not happening, but more from a place of trust and hope.

  3. Alyssa

    Dear Jodi, this is so incredibly moving. I cried when I read this because I know so well the complicated emotions, longings, comparisons, frustrations, and fragile hopes that go along with trying to conceive. I am pregnant now, but it took my husband and I several years to get here and we had actually just decided to move on to another path toward parenthood when we learned I was pregnant. It feels profoundly vulnerable to keep putting that hope out there each month. I’ll be sending you lots of rose-colored, juicy, luxurious fertility vibes from across the sea. Thank you for this beautiful message. The myth of Hathor brought me much comfort and emotional healing when I was struggling most – I think I needed to learn to mother myself before I could be open to receiving this little spirit. Many blessings to you. I wish you abundance!

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thanks so much for your message and loving vibes Alyssa! I am so touched and grateful. Oh wow! Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is just wonderful to hear. I wish you a beautiful journey into motherhood. Your exciting little blessing gives me hope so thanks for sharing. Yes, it is very challenging at times and it’s difficult to not become obsessed with conception. Allowing myself to be guided by Spirit, Mother Earth and to apply mindfulness and spiritual tools really (although sometimes easier said than done) helps to keep me centred and hopeful. I don’t know about Hathor, but will look it up. Thanks for the heads up.

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