My Year of Answered Prayers

New Moon greetings!

The world was magic this morning. Although the sky was clear and blue when I woke up, the trees still glistened with diamonds, residue from yesterday’s rain. I lay in my bed for a while, just watching the quiet garden through the window. A cool breeze flowed in, making the sheer curtains dance to its slow soothing rhythm. In a time of drought and El Nino, I had to take some long deep moments to just savour this scene. I don’t know when it will come again.

I’ve been in a space of reflection, allowing and dreaming for the last couple of weeks. A bout of illness that kept in bed during the days building up to the New Year made sure that I stuck to my intention of a slow and centred start to 2016. The dormant phase was necessary because in it’s wake I’ve felt myself rising hopeful, focused and ready to move forward, and especially now with the new lunar cycle.

I searched long and hard for the words that will guide me through 2016 and the energy I want to draw to myself. In the end, it was “Answered Prayers” that settled into my chest and tugged at my heart strings. Last year, my words were “Wild Mother”, words that stimulated a profound shift in my life and that drew me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I’ve been in awe at how some of the desires I’ve held for so long have manifested in the last year (I’ll explore this more in another post). I feel I owe these blessings to the powerful creative feminine force of the Wild Mother energy. But it also brought with it an emptiness and an acute awareness of the one missing thing in my life – the child I wish to carry, birth and mother.   

So, a few weeks back I found myself at risk of falling into the trap of counting the unfulfilled dreams and desires in my life. Infertility has a way of taking you to those places. I know it all too well. It’s a road that only leads to depression and feelings of being forsaken. It’s a path I’m not willing to walk because it will only advance a swift descend down an already sinking spiral.

That said, as I evaluated the space I was in and contemplated what I want to feel this year, I knew I needed something that would steer me away from the potential danger of being stuck in a place of lack. When I stumbled upon the words “Answered Prayers” they seemed to fit snugly into my emptiness. I saw the words in three different places in a space of a few hours – a sign speaking directly to my heart.

There are three things that made them feel right for me. In order for prayers to be answered, I need to pray. I need to be in communion with Spirit, with Goddess. I like that these words keep me centred in relationship with sacredness and remind me to make space for divine intervention to work magic in my life too. Secondly, I have to ask myself: What am I’m praying for? This question calls me to be intentional, specific and to offer prayers from an authentic place. It requires me to focus on what I want to manifest, feel and experience, not what I don’t want. Meditating on answered prayers also draws my attention to my blessings and what I am grateful for. Gratitude is a deeply healing tool as I’m sure you already know. It’s a touchstone I really need at the centre of my life right now. Starting January off working through Rhonda Byrnes, The Magic, is helping me do precisely that, to be immersed in the vibration of gratitude.

So this is my Year of Answered Prayers.

Do you choose words of focus or mantras for the year? What are your words?  

answered prayers.jpg

7 thoughts on “My Year of Answered Prayers

  1. Little Forest Flower

    I love the words you’ve chosen for this year. It makes me want to choose something for myself as well. Last year for me was Listen, but I forgot all about it half way through the year. I need to contemplate a bit on this.

    I wish you deep happiness 🙂

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thank you Anne. It can be difficult to stay focused on these intentions at times. I find I get better at it when I surround myself with reminders and vibe triggers. May you find what is right for you. Love and blessings.

  2. Kate Rose

    This is a beautiful post, Jodi. May you have many Answered Prayers this year, dear sister. I chose my word for the year from my bowl of Angel Cards and was interested to get the same word I was given in 2014: “discernment”. As I pace my days through the challenge of chronic illness and menopause I receive this as a gentle reminder of the choices only I can make for myself. And you are so right, gratitude certainly lifts the spirit. I find keeping two journals…a Gratitude Journal and a stream-of-consciousness, for-my-eyes-only-Journal both bring much gratitude, for so often in the “streaming”, in the letting go on paper of what sorrows or troubles me, I find upon re-reading that it has passed and been resolved in ways that in that moment I could never imagine.

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thank you Kate! What a wonderful idea use Angel Cards to guide your word. Not easy challenges to face, so I hope that your mindful and soulful approach supports and nurtures you through the difficult moments of your journey. I keep a separate journal for gratitude as well. Indeed, your are very right about the ‘streaming’ and review process, and gratitude being intertwined in both. Sending you much love, healing and positive energy. ❤

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