Moon Milk: To Nourish Your Feminine Hormones

F U L L   M O O N.

A soothing adaptogenic elixir to nurture the feminine body and soul. Brew yourself a cup at the end of your day. Drink it beneath the stars, moonlight spilling into your eyes, and Goddess love flowing into your heart.

Moon milk has become a daily part of my life. I’m working to healing PCOS naturally and restoring my hormones to balance (with the intention of conceiving a baby), so nutrition and herbs have been important medicine on my journey. Maca, ashwagandha and shatavari are the three most common herbs that are often recommended to me. Since these herbs support the female reproductive system – enhancing libido, balancing hormones and moods, supporting fertility and helping the body to adapt to changes or stress – they’re recommended in the preconception and postpartum stages, but should not be taken during pregnancy. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with maca over the past couple of years, putting it in everything from my smoothies, to hot chocolate to muffins. Yet although I’ve heard lots about ayurvedic ashwagandha and shatavari, I only recently found that they’re finally available at the health stores I order my supplies from.

So, from the moment I got my hands on them, this moon milk magic swiftly became a grounding and soothing caffeine-free part of my afternoon ritual, helping to calm my heart when I take a moment to step aside from the day’s demands, breathe and enjoy the late afternoon sun. I love the warm malty flavour with a hint of honey and cinnamon (if this is not to your taste, then adding a tablespoon of cocoa gives it a lovely chocolaty flavour).  I make my moon milk with almond mylk most of the time, though I must admit that it’s so yummy with coconut milk too. Since I often get asked about the recipes for things I share on Instagram, I thought I’d share this one on the blog today for those who may be interested. See the recipe below.


1 cup of nut milk (almond, coconut, walnut, etc)

1 tsp of maca

1 tsp of ashwagandha

1 tsp shatavari

¼ tsp of cinnamon

Honey to taste

(Optional – add a tablespoon of cocoa gives it a lovely chocolatey flavour)


Warm the nut milk in a sauce pan. Add all dry ingredients into the sauce pan and whisk them slowly until the ingredients have blended together nicely. Then pour the elixir into your cup, add a drizzle of honey and enjoy. Alternatively, warm the nut milk in a sauce pan, then when it is ready pour into your high speed blender. Add all ingredients (including honey), blend it for 30 seconds and then pour the moon milk out into a cup and enjoy. I personally prefer using the high speed blender because its easy and faster.

Full Moon Blessings to You!



Disclaimer – This page is for educational and informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physicians. Consult your personal health care professional for advice on what works best for you.

10 thoughts on “Moon Milk: To Nourish Your Feminine Hormones

  1. vatsala2013

    I wish I had seen this recipe years ago, Jodi, I recognize all the ingredients and know their properties. I turned lactose intolerant in my twenties which was upsetting to say the least because before that, I used to drink 2 glasses of milk a day! I drink cinnamon tea when I feel my hormones are getting the upper hand.

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Wow! That’s quite a life change. Giving up dairy has been a challenge, but I honestly feel so much better and for the first time in years my menstrual cramps are not as debilitating as they once were. Cinnamon tea does sounds lovely too!

  2. susanmarymalone

    You had me at the name of this, Jodi! Moon Milk. Ahhh! This looks just lovely. I have coconut milk here, but I don’t know where to get these herbs (I live in middle-of-nowhere Texas). Ideas?

  3. Beverley Golden (@GoldenBeverley)

    Love the name of this elixir, Jodi! I’ve experimented with traditional Chinese herbs during the course of my healing journey and found some of them are too strong for me. I remember adding Maca to my daily protocol and was wide awake at night, so had to stop it. This sounds like a very gentle and healing combination and a good one to try as a way to balance and regulate our hormones. I might just have to try this recipe, as it sounds so delicious! Thank you!

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