500 Words of Wild Wisdom: A Path Through the Forest

Today, I am so happy to share the first instalment of the new 500 Words of Wild Wisdom blog series. The first guest post is A Path Through the Forest from Anne Linn, a beautiful poetic writer whose work I love and the author of The Little Flower:You Are Loved. In this piece, Anne writes about her experience of nature as a path to the Divine Mother, healing and a deeper connection with herself. 

A Path Through the Forest by Anne Linn

I knelt in the rain, in the last light of autumn and prayed to the Goddess, to all overseeing things. I prayer to the trees, to the sky, and felt the darkness gathering around, inky black and full of stars.

I walked in the forest and it seemed darker than I remember, and yet more lovely as I crouched to pick the last of the blueberries, as I gathered golden mushrooms along a moss covered path.

The sun and gone away, and I walked through a long shadow, feeling the evening deepening, seeing the sky lose its colour.

I stood by the stream, hearing the rush of water, loving its song, which is the music I always return to, the song of water.

I felt broken there in the forest, cracked open, and I kept walking even though I had been tired, had told myself I would not go far.

I felt the presence of the Goddess in the air, in the wind. I wanted to get closer, to feel her touch. I felt I was walking in a white glittering light, in an eternal church, vast and beautiful, stretching into eternity.

Life was easier then, when I wasn’t alone. When I was filled with her love, spreading out, touching everything with beauty, so even the dark trees seemed wrapped in pearls, in white light.

A Lesson Learned

I was asked to share something I had learned from nature, from the Goddess. I couldn’t think of much, other than one powerful thing, that nature brings healing. And that it helps me find her, my divine mother, helps me connect with her and with myself.

I once visited a friend in a beautiful place in nature. She took me to see a couple who lived away from any noise, any roads, and grew their own food, a river only steps away. My friend said how much she’d love to one day live like that, and I felt that too. I have often dreamed about owning a small house or cottage in the forest, next to swaying trees, my window overlooking an overgrown garden of herbs, wild roses climbing the walls.

But as I looked at this beautiful sanctuary in nature, it somehow seemed dark, empty. And I felt how alone I’d be without the God and Goddess, how I needed them to fill the space I was in. I felt that wherever I went, I had to carry them with me, and let them show me where to go.

That’s why I look for her in everything, when I make my food, when I walk in the forest. I want to be filled with something divine and beautiful, to touch something unseen, a world hidden and out of sight, but so close, the veil so thin I can almost reach through it. Sometimes in dreams I see beyond it and catch glimpses of glittering mysteries. Places I think we all long for. Places we might have been once, that was once home, and that we deep down still remember.

Last night I awoke from a dream, feeling I had been in a vast temple of stone, and wanted to return there. I was filled with longing and joy, because I remember a fragment of something wonderful, fragments of love.

It made me want to bring that temple inside of me, to carry it with me throughout the day. To have a secret place in my heart for the Goddess, to worship her, the rose, the light.

About Author:


Anne LiALheadshot.jpgnn writes about nature, about spirituality, and the Goddess. She also shares about grief and loss, and ways to mend the soul, the heart. She has written a short story, and is currently working on her next book. You can find her at www.littleforestflower.com

A Reason to Love Yourself

I sat soaking in the whispers of the warm spring breeze. I ask Goddess for some guidance. Then I listened, open to receiving and waited while the dappled morning sun rays danced between the lightly swaying leaves that cast splays of shadows and light onto me. And when I’d sunk deep into that wild and peaceful space, I felt her, a wave of warm love flowing through me.

Answers came from somewhere in that subtle place of overwhelming peace.

Love yourself. You carry a piece of me in you.

If you reject yourself, you are rejecting me. If you want to embrace my presence fully, then you have to embrace, love and accept yourself whole-heartedly.

Remember…you are a precious vessel thoughtfully crafted to house a piece of Divine within. So stop asking what is wrong with you and focus instead on what is right with you. Focus on each detail of your being that was created from a place of loving consciousness.

I let these words sink in and allowed their wisdom to unfold. Simple and familiar words that seemed to hit home in a deeper way today, giving me a reason to love myself.

How to you love yourself? What brings your attention back to the details of your being that were created from a place of Divine loving consciousness?

Love yourself

Tea Crafting: Making Third Eye Chakra Tea

I am a tea enthusiast and for several years now, tea meditation has been an important part of my daily spiritual practice. As I wrote in an old blog post, I love the variety, exotic aromas and adventure that every new flavour and type of tea brings. I love that it can be healing, soothing or energising depending on what you need. But most importantly, it offers me an opportunity to be present, mindful and deeply attuned to the flow of the Universe.

When I took the leap into the unknown and followed my soul’s calling to deepen my study of/ relationship with the energy and spiritual wisdom of the Nature, I began a journey of constantly seeking out ways to tuned into, understand and share profound lessons or insights from the wild Earth, as well as the messages Spirit/Goddess shares through the natural world.

Keeping an herbal garden over the last 3 years has thus been an integral part of this personal deep study of the Earth and forging a stronger connection with Goddess. So, I’ve planted seeds/saplings and have been tending to, nurturing and communing with them as they’ve grown. In return, these delicate plant lightworkers offer me their wisdom, their medicine and both physical and spiritual healing.

As soon as the first signs of spring set in a few weeks ago, shades of lavender and violet herbal flowers blossomed everywhere. Enchanted by the vibration of these violet ray flowers, I felt called to work with them in some way. The idea of crafting a third eye chakra tea came to mind immediately. I allowed myself to be guided by intuition and the energies of the garden throughout the tea crafting process, keeping the intention of what I wanted to use the tea for in my heart. Slowly, I began picking the herbal flowers – borage, sage and lavender – and placing them on a sunny windowsill amongst amethyst crystals to dry. All these herbal flowers are known for their calming and spiritually related properties and amethyst is great for stimulating the third eye and crown chakras.

third eye chakra tea

The flowers were picked early on warm sunny mornings. I used both fresh lavender flowers from my garden, and some sprigs of the dried bunch of lavender I picked when I visited my grandmother in August. I like the idea of having included bits of flowers tended by her hand and touched by her years of wisdom. For this particular tea, I didn’t use any herbal leaves, just the flowers. I usually mix the herbs and flowers together with some black tea, but again, this time round, I decided to only work with the flowers. Flower medicine is both subtle and powerful, and I imagine that their vibrant healing qualities would be most potent in spring because that is where the plant directs all its energy towards.

The next step was to do a tea blessing. I set the tea together with the amethyst crystals out under the light of the full blood moon to be anointed with mystical moon Goddess vibes. Keeping the intention of creating a third eye chakra tea to calm my mind, clear my brow chakra, enhance intuition and stimulate good sleep and dreams, I imbued it with healing white light. And so the tea was made.

I often use Margaret Roberts’s Herbal Teas as a loose guide when it comes to tea crafting. It’s important to know your herbs and use reputable references, and be especially cautious when you are pregnant because most herbs are off limits then. That said, while knowledge of herbs and their properties is important, just the same as when I make the space clearing sage smudge spray, I feel that holding specific positive intentions, working with etheric earth and plant energies, Goddess and white light are all equally important steps in my process.

I’ll be drinking it in the evenings for the next month and paying attention to how my subtle bodies respond to it (especially around the new moon). I’ve added some cloves and cardamoms seeds for a bit of flavour, and sometimes have the tea with a slice of zesty lemon. I’m excited to see how things unfold.

Have you ever made any herbal or flower teas? Have you worked with tea to clear or stimulate your chakras? What was you experience life?  

third eye chakra