Could You be a Sign?

I grew up believing in signs.

My grandmother always prayed for them. My mom did too. And they believed that their prayers were answered – pictures falling off walls, birds in the kitchen and dreams revealing a way forward. So, when I read The Alchemist in my late teens, it reinforced a beautiful reality that I’d seen in action in little ways. It opened my mind to a Universe that I’d caught small glimpses of here and there, an abundant Universe alive with magic, weaving blessings and love into our lives, a Universe that is guiding us to a greater good when we are open to receiving what it has to offer.

I’ve been asking for signs in recent weeks. I’ve needed guidance for clarity and direction. As I try to remain as open and receptive as I can, they’ve slowly been coming to me. Coincidences, messages from the Earth, passages I read in books and guidance from my oracle cards.  And this week, the signs I’ve ask for have come from kind people in the most unexpected ways, people who I am sure are completely unaware as to how much their presence or random messages have touched my life.

Sometimes a feather is a sign…and sometimes we are signs to people. Yes, sometimes you are the message of hope they’ve been waiting for, or perhaps they are that sign to you.

I feel this is especially true when you are connected to your wild essence, because being in touch with your inner spirit allows you become a vessel of grace. Being centred in truth, light, inner peace and wild grace is a gateway into the energetic network of the Universe. And so we carry that vibration of love, of hope and of inspiration through our words, our actions and even just our presence. We become their signs. We become their angels on Earth. We become the breadcrumbs that lead them back to clarity and hopefulness. Back to wholeness. Back to God(dess).

Thank you, dear guiding lights whose love and wisdom have healed my heart. I am so grateful. I hope that in some small way, I can be a guiding light and humble sign to you too.


7 thoughts on “Could You be a Sign?

  1. sarah

    I believe the universe is in constant, loving conversation with us. But I have to laugh … you words in bold (if indeed you put them in bold) are complete gibberish. Not even gibberish words but a whole mess of jumbled letters and symbols. I wonder what you really wrote, and if the error is in my computer (therefore a message for me) or in yours.

    It will be a sign, of course. Everything is. Sometimes though decoding these signs can be a little tricky! 🙂

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      A loving conversation – I like that thought. Goodness! These internet gremlins are always so strange. Glad you got to read it properly in the end. Thank you for your presence here dear Sarah ❤

  2. Kate Rose

    Well bless you indeed, Jodi…today YOU and this blog are my sign!! Don’t you just love it!! I have had a chronic illness for 15 years and I am slow and rather limited in what I do and where I go and have been pondering a bit just how “useful” I am (!?)…Then, simply offering these feelings of inadequacy up to the Great Mother, little serendipities keep coming my way about holding a vibration of the Mother’s love and the inestimable value of “Being”…how we cannot always know, nor should we always know, this side of the Veil at least, what we give to others simply by being here…..and so here I am checking in with your blog and find these whispered truths again….very precious, thank you and I hope that you are feeling better..xx

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thank you sharing this Kate, I’m really touched by what you said. I’m so glad that you find comfort in the Great Mother and that “little serendipities” are coming to you. Being able to let go and allow ourselves to be guided is such a powerful step in creating healing moments for ourselves. I love what you said about “holding the vibration of the Mother’s love” – such a beautiful way of looking at it. Thank you for your beautiful presence and the lovely energy that you bring to this space and to those I’m pretty sure you touch, heal and inspire around you.

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